Reesor Bicentennial Video

"Celebrating The Ties That Bind"

We are pleased that the commemorative video , which covers the major activities of the Reesor Family Bicentennial Reunion, July 2-4, 2004, is now available for purchase. Many "cousins" ordered a copy at the time of the reunion and these have been dispatched. If however, you did not pre-order, additional copies are now available for those interested in obtaining a personal memento of the Bicentennial Celebration.

The video production was a project of considerable magnitude for the Committee to undertake. However, we feel that the final product provides a well balanced representation of the many activities that made up our Bicentennial Weekend. The video is approximately 100 minutes in length, and covers the entire 3 days of the Celebration including the Friday Homecoming, the Saturday Wagon Trek, the program at the Markham Fairgrounds and the Settler's Service on the banks of the Little Rouge River. The entire video is set to the music from the "Friday Homecoming" and provides a unique ambience that brings back memories of this special Reesor Reunion. The Reesor Family was proud to celebrate the many ties that bind us to our past. It is our sincere hope that this keepsake video edition will now serve to link our strong Reesor roots and heritage with our future generations.

The video is available in both VHS and DVD format.


To order a copy of the video, click here.

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