The Reesor Family in Canada

Instructions for Completing the Genealogy Form

  1. Submissions should be made using the Genealogy Form available on this Web site.
  2. Please type or print your genealogical information clearly.
  3. Your information may include both -
    1. corrections to errors or omissions discovered in the 2000 edition [check "C" for "correction" in the box provided] and
    2. new information derived from events occurring since the 2000 or earlier editions [check "N" for "new" in the box provided].
  4. If you prepare your information using a computer, please conform to the enclosed layout.
  5. If you do not have access to the 1980 or 2000 edition of The Reesor Family in Canada, Contact Us and we will provide copies of the relevant pages where your family appears. If you would like to order a copy of the 2000 edition of the Reesor Book, click here.
  6. Do not use abbreviations for any words, even if commonly accepted.
  7. All dates should be printed in full. For example, "September 25, 1933".
  8. Provide full names as registered at birth. If a person is known other than by the first name, please mark the appropriate other name with an asterisk. For example, submit as "Charles Brian* Graham", if the person is known as "Brian".
  9. Information on adoptions, divorce, or remarriage is invited.
  10. When a death is recorded, include the name and location of the Cemetery where burial took place.
  11. Biographical information is encouraged. Examples include: educational background, occupation, public office, special achievements or awards.
  12. Where biographical and other data about a married couple appear together, ensure that the information clearly sets out to whom the information relates.
  13. To send your Genealogy Form to us by mail, please address as follows:
  14. If you prefer, we can receive your submissions by e-mail at <>

Please Note: Some editing of the content of submissions may be undertaken by us to accommodate editorial requirements.

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