Reesor Family Bicentennial Reunion Pre-Registration

To assist the organizers of the Reesor Family Reunion we encourage you to pre-register for the event by one of the methods described below. Pre-registering will allow us to prepare registration packages ahead of time and mail them to you, well in advance of the reunion, thus avoiding delays upon your arrival at events. Your registration package will include name tags for each member of your household, further program details, a map, along with other Reesor information. There is no cost for pre-registering.

The pre-registration form includes a list of the items of memorabilia that we intend to sell at the event. We ask that you indicate how many items you are planning to purchase. The information you provide is critical for us to adequately prepare for the event. Our intent is to order only the quantities that will sell on the day of the Bicentennial. There will be no PRE-ORDERS and items will be sold on a first come first served basis. Memorabilia will be in limited supply and no item will be re-ordered. Quantities ordered will be based on the information that is supplied at pre-registration. Accordingly, your timely input provides an essential planning tool to us.

We encourage you to return your reunion pre-registration form by May 15, 2004. Thank you.

To pre-register:

If you are mailing the form, please mail it to the following address:

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