The Reesor Family in Canada
An incorporated body since 1989

April 16, 2000

In writing this letter, I find it hard to believe that ten years has gone by since our last reunion. The date for our upcoming Reesor Family reunion is Saturday June 24th, 2000. It will be held at the Markham Fair grounds on McCowan Road and 18th Avenue in Markham - the same location as in 1990.

Reflecting back on eight former reunions, the first one in 1904 to celebrate one hundred years in Canada, reminds me of how very important these reunions are to this great family. I can not help but think of the journey that this family made crossing Europe, sailing to the United States and then journeying by horse and covered wagons to Upper Canada.

Our Reesor ancestors with their Mennonite beliefs travelled thousands of miles looking only to find, I guess the phrase we would use today would be "The Promised Land". They could work their land and help each other in raising their families in Peace and without the threat of war.

To be able to trace your ancestors back almost 300 years is a wonderful gift that not many people have today. I would like most of all in writing this letter, to thank all the people who helped to gather information to update the Reesor Book. I would like to thank the Genealogy Committee for their hundreds of hours of work and their dedication in putting this book together. Also, I would like to thank the committee and their helpers for their assistance using computer knowledge and expertise in order to develop the wealth of information that is presented in the Book and the Reesor website.

On June 24th,2000 registration will begin at 10:30 am and we hope to have some time for families to get together before lunch. The meal will be served as near 12 noon as possible. We have a caterer on site and the adult meal will cost $10 and the childrenís will be $5. Cold drinks included. You are also welcome to bring your own lunch as in the past tradition, but we do encourage you to enjoy the catered meal. Following lunch there will be a short formal program. Reesor Family artifacts will be displayed for viewing.

The newly published Reesor book will be available for purchase at a price of $45-50. Other memorabilia including commemorative Reesor Reunion mugs, China bells, Calendars, and CDís of the Book will be available for sale as keepsake of our reunion. In addition, three or four original works of art by local artists will be sold by Silent Auction . The proceeds from the auction will be used as a fundraiser to help finance the Book and the new entrance to the Reesor Pioneer Cemetery.

On Sunday morning June 25th , there will be church service at the Rouge Valley Mennonite Church. Those whom wish to attend are most welcome. The new church structure is just recently built and is a very interesting structure. The cemetery is the burial site for many early Reesors. The church is located one mile south of Highway #7 on Reesor Road.

On Sunday afternoon at 2:30 there will be a short dedication service at the new entrance to theReesor Pioneer Cemetery on Reesor Road just north of Highway #7.

What better way to start the new millenium, than to go to your family Reunion? You will be sure to have a good day meeting new cousins and renewing old acquaintances.

Please help us to ensure that all family members know about the reunion and
pass the word along.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Your Chairman


"Ashmore Reesor"

The Reesor Family in Canada Genealogical and Historical Society Inc.,

PO BOX 1804, Locust Hill, Ontario, Canada, L0H 1J0

F. Ashmore Reesor
Paul W.J. Mingay
David C. Reesor
Past President
Betty Burkholder
Paul Reesor


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