"Lost" Reesor Cousins

One of the principal objectives of this Web site is to reach members of The Reesor Family in Canada who may have lost touch with us since 1980, or earlier. Check the names listed on this page to find out if you could be one of our "Lost" Reesor Cousins and renew your contact with us.

If you can trace your ancestry back to Christian Reesor, 1747-1806, and Fanny Reiff, 1751-1818 (see Reesor History), or to one of their descendants identified below, we want to hear from you.

In making preparations for publication of the Reesor Book in 2000, our Editorial Board carefully reviewed the 1980 Reesor Book and identified several family lines which either had not been brought up to date at that time or for which we were missing important genealogical information.

Are you a descendant of one of these families?

"Lost" Reesor Cousins List

Names of "Lost" Reesor Cousins, listed by the page number(s) where they appear in the 2000 Reesor Book, have been identified as follows:

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