The Reesor Book

A Genealogical and Historical Collection

For generations, Reesor Family members have treasured the records of their ancestors, along with the oral history that has accompanied each, and passed them on to their descendants, together with a time-honoured appreciation of their inherent value to family and community life.

A committee of family members was formed in recognition of the need for a collective effort in preserving these experiences and, in 1928 published the first Reesor family genealogy. Response to this work was so positive that, since then, four more editions have been assembled and made available to family members - in 1934, 1950, 1980, and 2000. This published work, entitled "The Reesor Family in Canada - a Trail Through the Centuries", is usually referred to as the "Reesor Book".

After publishing the 2000 book, Reesor genealogical updates continued to be received. It was decided that an updated Reesor Book, in CD format only, be published for the Reesor Bicentennial in 2004. In October of that year the CD became available and contains genealogical information current to July, 2004.

The following editions of the Reesor Book are available for purchase: 1928 reproduction, 1950, 1980, 2000, 2004 CD. For pricing and purchasing information, click here.

Over the years, we have lost touch with some of our Reesor cousins. As a result, our 2004 Reesor Book may not contain your genealogical information. If you know or suspect that your ancestry stems from Christian Reesor (1747-1806) and his wife Fanny Reiff (1751-1818) of Markham, Ontario, Canada, we encourage you to visit the pages of this Web site entitled "Lost" Reesor Cousins and Reesor Index, then Contact Us.

At the 2018 Reesor Family in Canada AGM, it was decided to no longer accept genealogy updates. With the family being so large now, it is very difficult to keep the genealogy updated completely and not practical to produce another Reesor Book. Thank you to all those that sent in their family updates in the past.

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